1938 v12 limousine packard

The 1938 Packard Twelve

is a classic luxury automobile produced by the Packard Motor Car Company, an American automobile manufacturer that was in operation from 1899 to 1958. The Packard Twelve, also known as the Packard Twin Six or Packard 12, was the company’s flagship model and featured a powerful V12 engine. The 1938 model year marked the final production year for the Packard Twelve.

Introduced in 1915 as the Twin Six, the V12 engine was discontinued in 1923, only to be reintroduced in 1932 as the Packard Twelve. During the 1930s, the Packard Twelve was considered one of the most prestigious and luxurious cars available in the United States. The V12 engine boasted smooth operation and impressive performance for its time.

The 1938 Packard Twelve featured a 473.3 cubic-inch, side-valve V12 engine that produced 175 horsepower. The engine was paired with a three-speed manual transmission. The car was built on two wheelbase options: a 139-inch (3,531 mm) short wheelbase and a 147-inch (3,734 mm) long wheelbase. The longer wheelbase was typically used for limousines and other high-end, formal body styles.

The 1938 model year also saw some design changes. The Packard Twelve received a new grille design, a more streamlined hood, and new fender lines that enhanced its elegant appearance. The interior was equally luxurious, with plush upholstery, fine wood trim, and various custom options available to the discerning buyer.

Despite its impressive performance and luxurious appointments, the 1938 Packard Twelve was not a commercial success. The Great Depression had significantly impacted the luxury automobile market, and the production of the Packard Twelve was relatively limited. In total, only around 566 Packard Twelves were produced in 1938.

The 1938 Packard Twelve remains a highly sought-after classic car among collectors, with its combination of elegant design, luxurious appointments, and powerful V12 engine making it an enduring symbol of American automotive excellence during the 1930s.