About Us

Classic Car Donation Foundation

The Springfield to Boston Education Foundation is a nonprofit educational organization. With our car donation program we strive to educate students on all levels about antique transportation. We offer a unique combination of elements that allow us to illustrate the history of transportation through motion itself. We continue to set ourselves apart from other foundations, museums, art museums and even the national history museums by running and driving the majority of our collection.

As we operate our collection, one element will remain constant: education. The collection will not be like other antique collections, transportation you can’t touch. The Springfield to Boston Education Foundation will allow both staff and volunteers to store, maintain, repair and drive our world-class collection of automobiles to keep the magic alive.

With our deeply rooted organizational goals we strive to:

  • Organize the “Classics to Kids” program
  • Begin Educational Media Promotions – Social Media, Electronic Publications & Technical Articles
  • Establish a prototype program that will allow us to offer college credits towards restoration technology. Education is paramount to sustaining the passion that resides in the collector automobile industry

Our Car Donation Program is a Non-Profit Educational Organization

We strive to educate students on all levels about antique transportation.


Jeff DeMarey

CCCA National & Regional Director, VSCCA Member, Collector & Collector Car Insurance Specialist, and Master Judge

Chuck Niles

CCCA Past Regional Director and Radiator Genius

Dave Kane

CCCA National Director and Packard Restorer & Collector


Chris Charlton

CCCA Past National & Regional Director, Pebble Beach Awarded Restorer

Dave Kane

CCCA National Director and Collector

George Holman

CCCA Past National President Collector and Stutz Specialists

John Cislak

Pierce Arrow Specialist and Acclaimed Engine Rebuilder

Nick Grewal

Collector, VSCCA Member, and Electric Car Extraordinaire

Ed Minnie

Pierce Arrow Specialist, Collections Management Specialist and Collector

Keith Korbut

Duryea Specialist

John Parker

Avid Antique Car Owner and Driver: 190,000 miles on a 21 Ghost

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