Our Mission

We Are a Non-Profit Car Donation Charity

The Springfield to Boston Education Foundation’s mission is to educate children and young adults about the storage, repair, maintenance and skills it takes to drive collectible cars as well as publish technical and historical bulletins on the intricacies of these great automobiles. We strive to connect our passionate generations through social media and electronic publishing.

Because of the rich history in Springfield, Massachusetts, home of the Duryea, Indian Motorcycle and of course the Springfield Rolls Royce, we want to preserve and promote the history of the brand for generations to come. With MGM Casino having begun the revitalization of Springfield, and the amazing 10 million-dollar Lyman and Merrie Wood History Museum completed in 2010, this will be a great place to show off the ‘Made in New England Automobiles’.

Our antiques will receive only the best care:

  • We have immediate local climate-controlled storage
  • During the summer months the cars will reside in a service area so they can be on hand for our staff, students and events. Events will touch on all age ranges and learning levels:
    • Elementary School: luncheons and rides home
    • High School: education about repairing and driving our antique vehicles
    • Vocational Schools and Universities: education about maintenance, repair, transport and show prep
    • Civic Events: promote the Springfield Rolls Royce and the ‘Classic to Kids’ Program
    • Historic Wilbraham Hill Climb (5/12/23 – 5/14/23)

We have lots of local talent to enable us to maintain the cars in the future. Learn More about us and our advisors.